Tooling department

Our tooling department occupies a surface area of approx. 400 sq. m. The department was set up to provide support for the Shearing and Assembly departments for routine and non-routine maintenance of moulds and equipment. The department has developed over time, and can now operate in full autonomy (for construction and modification of moulds and equipment). With a staff of 6, it hosts conventional machinery, and also: n.2 milling machine, n.3 grinding machines, n.2 lathes, n.1 wire-spark, erosion unit, n.1 plunge-spark erosion unit, n.1 tooling workstation, n.2 ovens for thermal hardening treatment.


  • Ferri trancia progressivi con matrici in acciaio temprato o in WIDIA
  • Ferri trancia a blocco

  • Ferri trancia a guida fissa