Tooling department

Moulding equipment is a department specialized in printing and assembly equipment. It employs 7 people and occupies an area of about 400 square meters. In addition to conventional machines, the mold tooling department is equipped with: 2 milling machines; 3 grinding machines; 1 drilling machine; 2 lathes; 1 wire EDM and 1 die-sinking machine; 1 machining centre and 2 furnaces for heat treatment hardening to satisfy every request of our customers.
In addition, our specialized tooling department was born as a support to the Trancery, Metal Cutting and Mechanical Assembly departments. It also serves for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of moulds and equipment. This department has developed over the years and today is able to act in full autonomy for the construction and modification of the same processed products.


  • Ferri trancia progressivi con matrici in acciaio temprato o in WIDIA
  • Ferri trancia a blocco

  • Ferri trancia a guida fissa