Mechanical assembly

Laser welding and metal blanking

The realization of mechanical assemblies is very often related to precision mechanics. The latter requires a high level of knowledge and awareness of what is being done and, in addition, requires the ability to evaluate and use very specific instrumentation.

Strength of our mechanical assembly department is the quality of the assemblies. The products are manufactured in an organized and efficient environment where particular attention is paid to the constant training and qualification of the staff.  Our technicians are also subject to continuous updating of control systems and equipment.

The company, in fact, is equipped with its own tooling and has developed and strengthened the punching and assembly departments. In this regard, it has made significant investments in high technology machines. Since 2001, we have also specialised in the solenoid valve testing sector. In particular, we deal with nano and micro valves and laser welding on small components, reserving a dedicated department for the AMISCO company. With the latter we have also established a partnership relationship for several years.

MCA, located in Truccazzano, in the province of Milan, in the north-east of Italy, guarantees a precise assembly of the product able to satisfy all the requests of its customers. We are a company that believes in continuous innovation, whose goal is always customer satisfaction through a production with constant and high quality standards.

At MCA Trancerie Truccazzano you will find a serious, punctual and reliable partner, able to offer a full collaboration to the customer in every phase of the manufacturing process. In this way we let you follow the development of the product step by step guaranteeing the highest quality.

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